Unusual Encounters with Food.

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Andi Concha, Clara Cebrian, Eduardo Ecker, Jakob Klaffs, Jan Motyka, Jess Garcia, Manuela Pereira, Mariano Vilallonga, Natasha Papadopoulou, Pavel Fernandez, Pete Wise, Shafi Musaddique, Tyska Samborska, Yago LF.

Podcast #0

Personal Mythologies - Music for Bathing

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Personal Mythologies. (More music at SoundCloud.)
He has been a frequent contributor of the night’s Abismal and Post Club since their beginnings. He now resides in London, where he puts on events such as Milagro and aestival (alongside the Music Hackspace). Since he started playing music in guitar bands he has found his biggest inspiration to be the altered states of mind reached from musical improvisations. This is why his current production set up and methods consists of one take live improvisations with little or no post-editing. During his live sets he delivers improvised industrial techno with the help of his simple sequencers he developed himself with Max/MSP.  A couple months ago he released his first EP, “Los Dinasaurios”, on a new Madrid label, Hooded Records, that you can check on Bandcamp.

  • Food and bathrooms, what comes first into your mind?
  • Tell us a bit about the podcast. Why have you chosen these songs?

I decided to make a mixtape with music that I play when i take baths to enhance relaxation. I Don’t listen to any music when I poo, but I have a picture of Miles Davis hanging in the toilet that reminds me to push.

  • What shampoo do you use, and what does it smell of?
    H&S with Apple Scent

  • Do you poo before or after taking a shower/bath?
    That’s a lesson i learnt as a kid.

  • If you could be a fruit or a vegetable in a bathroom, what would you be and where would you like to be?
    I’d be broccoli, down the flush. I hate broccoli.

  • What type of world toilet do you consider yourself as?
    French, I think.